XBox 360 Co-op local non-splitscreen games (non-fighting game)?


I have a co-worker who has a problem in that he would like to be able to play some games with his partner as she’s currently stuck in the house due to health reasons.

I’m not very experienced with Xbox, mainly a Playstation gamer myself but I was surprised to find myself thoroughly stumped by this question and wanted to see if maybe some other folks would be able to come up with some good recommendations.

I’m trying to come up with some co-op, multiplayer games that have good local multiplayer support but do not do multiplayer through split screen. I’ve already broached the topic of fighting games but it sounds like that genre is not quite up their alley.

Any good recommendations I could pass on?


Most of these games are split screen, but here’s a list:>%3D&playerNum=2&couch=on&genre=&esrb=%&released=All