XBox 360 Comic Con TE Pricing

Hey just needed a little advice, I have someone willing to sell me a used but in great condition Comicon Xbox TE. Box is new because it has been kept in storage, stick has normal wear but nothing serious. Is 250.00 a good price to pay. It would complete my TE stick collection but just wanted a little advice from SRK. No the seller is not on srk, so please don’t think I am trying to short anyone on here.

Edit: Sorry just noticed that there is a price check thread mods please move. again sorry.

it is one of the more limited TEs(besides the Femme Fatale & of course the gold EVO TEs).

i would pay 200 if it was local but it is super rare

hey guys I was wondering if there is an actual comic con stick with Ryu’s face at the bottom left corner, I was offered one and the guy mention that it was one of the most rare sticks he also said that there was an even more rare edition with Saga’s face, I thought it was all bullshit, he refuse to send me pictures and was asking $275 shipped for it, but I did not buy it

there is no ccs with ryus face on it just this one

yeah I kind of new that however, about 1 or 2 months ago someone try to sell one of those sticks with Ryu’s face on it and I believed the guy didn’t have enough posts or something 'cause the mods close that thread

yeah unless he had 1 and just did a art change

it would have been cool if there was a pic of Sagat on the CC TEs.