Xbox 360 console help please!


**Ok so I dont know if this is the right place to post this or xbox related topics. But Im going to post anyways and hope you guys got any ideas or advice to give. Thanks in advance

So my problem is this. I got the open tray error a few times and was able to fix that problem for a short period. Eventually my laser burnt out over time so I ordered a new laser online to replace my old one, which then It did what it was suppose to do (read my games). After about lets say 3 days I go to play a game and now it says “Unrecognized Disc” on load. I checked all my games and the same thing happend, So is there something I can do to fix this issue without sending it in?**
Once again thanks for any knowledge in advance :]


you could buy a new disk drive off ebay there are a lot of youtube videos on how to install it