XBox 360 controller adapter

Does anyone know where I can get a PS2 to Xbox 360 controller adapter?

xfps adapter but it lags. There is no point in getting it. Just hack an x360 pad and wire it up together with a ps2 pad.

Can you use a PS1 pad? Would you be able to use it on both systems at the same time?

What do you mean? Like have both ps2 and 360 on at the same time plugged in for both? No.

Having two pcbs hooked up to one set of stick/buttons. Yes.

I mean is it possible to wire up 2 pcbs in a box for play on a 360 or psx (not at the same time of course)?

If it is I’ll start looking for a guide.

Here’s the thread.

Awesome thanks. I’m leaning towards purchasing but this will help me decide.