Xbox 360 controller - Any way I can modify the dpad to improve it?


Hi all. My fightstick unfortunately is out of order so while I wait for a couple of components for it, I’ve been using my xbox 360 controller for playing fighting games. As many before have complained, the dpad isn’t the best. I grew up on joypads when it came to fighting games and I am sort of ok with the xbox 360 controller but there are certain times when certain inputs don’t register properly. In particular, I am having an issue with Virtua Fighter 5 and Final Showdown. Basically, as some of you may know, you can crouch dash. My issue is that crouch dashing down-right doesn’t really work properly because sometimes I get an evade and sometimes I get a crouch dash, this is what is annoying me the most. I only got my xbox 360 controller yesterday (its the one with the transforming dpad) so its a new controller so I don’t think there are any technical issues with the controller.

So are there any ways I can improve the dpad or can you recommend a replacement dpad I could get that I could use for this?


Avoid anything that uses the standard Microsoft Xbox 360 D-pad which is a big round disk with a cross on it.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 d-pad are the worst d-pad in the whole history of video games, and I am not saying that as opinion but as a stated fact.
Even the MS Xbox 360 game pads with the transforming D-pad is total trash/garbage/rubbish/crap/shit (or what ever adjective you prefer).

I even tried some mod projects to improve the D-pad. Unless you are physically looking to transplant a d-pad from a PlayStation, NES/SNES or some other pad no mod is worth doing.

The exception is some of the actual fight pads have the disk shape d-pad but respond well such as the Mad Catz Fightpads.
I don’t like the PDP fight pad’s thumb stick as it reminds me too much about the poorly designed Neo Geo game pad.

Look for D-pads that look like they were taken from a NES or SNES controller.

Xbox 360 game pads with good game pads
Hori’s **Hori Pad EX Turbo and **Hori Pad EX Turbo 2 aren’t bad.
Mad Catz’s Call of Duty pad and the sports team themed pads (MLB and NLF team themed pads are common here in the states) uses a normal NES looking d-pad that is functional.
Mad Catz’s MLG Pro game pad is not a bad choice ether (not factoring the price). with hot swappable d-pads in both PS3 and Xbox 360 styles.

If you are up for adapters.
eTokki’s Inpin is great for a PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter (as the Sony PS2 pad is superior to most Xbox 360 pads)

Otherwise if you are up for a project,

Making a adapter using toodles FG converter Widget to make a SNES, Sega Saturn or PS1 pad compatible

See the FGW Converter Thread - Roll your own converters thread

I had gummo made me a Sega Saturn to Dual Modded Xbox 360 / MC Cthulhu converter
So I can use my Sega Saturn controllers on PS3, PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Dreamcast, SNES, NES and Saturn (yes I said it, I technically got a Saturn to Saturn adapter)