Xbox 360 controller button remapping help

Hi guys, need some help with this. I’m a halo player who plays on bumper jumper (jumping with the right bumper). I will be playing halo 2 on XBC. Halo 2 doesn’t have a bumper jumper controller setting, only default which is jumping with A button. Rather than get used to default again, I rather find a way to use bumper jumper in halo 2.

Whats the easiest way to go about doing this? Have it modded by someone on this website?

The only other possible ways I know of is using the XBM button remapper, which I’m not 100% sure can map A button to the bumper. The other way is buying a razer sabertooth controller and just making one of the MFB’s the jump button, but I’m not a big fan of the feel of the controllers thumb sticks. The 360 controller feels perfect to me.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.

  1. Find trace for RB’s signal line
  2. Cut trace for RB’s signal line
  3. Solder wire from RB’s micro-tact-switch to the contact pad for the A-button.

Caveat: must be a common-ground controller (or RB and A must share Grounds); otherwise, repeat the above for RB’s Ground line as well.

Resulting issues with the above strategy:

  • RB will function as the A-button
  • the (physical) A-button may or may not be functional afterwards, depending on how you solder it
  • the functionality of RB will be lost

Thanks for the help, but I don’t know how to solder and would most likely screw it up big time if i tried this stuff. Know any modders on here that offer their services?

There’s a stickied thread for that kind of stuff:

Thanks. Only 2 guys in NY. Hope they still mod…