Xbox 360 Controller Converter/Adapter for PS3!

Hello, I am a UMVC3 player who decided to sign up for ectV. I read while signing up the tournament would be held on ps3. At the time I thought it was no big deal, except for slight system lag, and would just go out and buy a converter. However(Keep in mind I am playing with a xbox 360 controller) I bought the hde xbox360 to ps3 controller adapter and it isn’t working correctly! I can play ps3 umvc3 with my xbox 360 controller but the inputs are extremely strict and sometimes find my self coming out with a normal instead of a hadouken or shoryuken. And the worst part is when ever I do a half circle move I find myself randomly super jumping or again coming out with a normal. On xbox 360 my exicution is extremely clean but for some reason my combos I can easily do aren’t working. Do any other xbox 360 pad players have a different converter they can reccommend?

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This is a technical question that’s been asked a million times before and answered half as many.
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P.S. – Many, many converters have lag. There’s a reason why a market exists for dual-mods and replacement PCB’s that have dual-system and multi-system compatibility.

Hmm… $60 for a converter cable that may or may not work, or $60 for a replacement PCB that is more likely to be reliable!

Yes what George said.

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I like to Add the cronus device is already Banned at several tournaments for apparently causing the other player to lose connection or lag.

The issue is not lag. And as I’m sure you could tell I am very new to this websites forums so I apologize, but there has to be a adapter that is reccommended for xbox 360 to ps3 right? That is the answer I want. But still thank you to the one person who actually answered the question if all hope is lost I will purchase the cronus device.


There is not any converters I can recommend that does Xbox 360 to PS3.

It is why Dual-mods are still a highly viable option, and Why Mad Catz made the MLG Pro pad.
It allows you to swap the opinions of the D-pad and Left analog and have several styles of analog sticks and D-pads to use.
The MLG pad is $90, your cronus POS is 70 not including a game pad.


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Various people have tried what you’re trying, which is spending the least amount of money for a converter that works between both systems. Sadly, the answer is no, they don’t work very well. At best, you’ll get dropped inputs and increased input delay, sometimes it even affects your opponent’s input delay for his controller is well. At the very worst, you waste your money on something that doesn’t even work right out of the box. You can’t ignore good advice just because you don’t like it.

Honestly, your best option is to do what many other pad players do, and simply purchase an aftermarket pad for PS3.

Thank you very much shoryuken peoples I will buy a dual mod pad!