Xbox 360 Digipad Mod - Video inside



over here in Germany we received another delay-date for all the MadCatz gear recently and all other fightsticks are out-of-stock or in a ridiculous price range, so I decided to look if I can find an easy way to mod the original controller so I don’t have to spend tons of money or wait another lifetime for a fightstick that stops working after a few minutes.

And here it is: My idea of a digipad mod - please watch and leave comments what u think :wink:



Woah… haha thats actually pretty cool man! Unique to say the least… good work!


wow, intresting idea

but damn, you must be desperate, sucks that y’all have to wait even longer to get the stuff.


desperate is the right word :wink:

First date for the gear was March 1st, then it was March 20th, now it’s April 20th and we’re waiting to receive the next delay anyway - some shops list may or june already…

And because of this freakin worldwide financial crisis I had to find a solution that won’t cost me any money --> Yeah, free nuts, screws and superglue at my working place ftw :smokin:


I did this a long time ago with a NES controller lol

I would try screwing the post directly into the dpad though as the glue prob wont hold up to all that abuse for long


I tested the strength of this glue before I applied it on the dpad and had to use a good amount of musclepower to get it off again :wink:
Also did a bunch of 720s with it and it’s still in place so no worries here.

Thought about screwing it directly into the dpad but this time had a few doubts that I might ruin the screw thread by heavy abuse so I went with the good old nut :wink:

PS: Who’s that girl on yout avatar? She’s hot! :wink:




Nice. She could play with my stick too …errrrr… :smiley:



this video made me nervous as hell when you was using that glue near your finger tips , was expecting the pad to stick to your hand:rofl::rofl::rofl:

just for others its not advisable to use Super Glue type products without some form of gloves or using an application tool of some kind:tup:


lol - hadn’t realized that hazard before you mentioned it :smiley: gotta add a note to that video :wink:

But I have to say I glued my fingers together several times before - but warm water helps a lot :smiley:


I usually jus bite the glue off after it dries lol


that looks really hard and uncomfortable to use… good effort though.


^^ commented on that under the video

for filming purpose it was uncomfortable cuz I had to hold my hands in front of the camera, but in a normal gaming situation it’s really comfortable for me.

only might have a lil problem to reach LB or LT if your fingers are too short but I have no probs with that :wink: In that case you could use a shorter screw


Good shit, man. Awesome idea.


thank you - feels rly good to get some positive reactions on it

my wife laughed at me when she first saw it :smiley:


it is alil funky lookin… cant blame her lol


That my friend is an INCREDIBLY ghetto joystick. It reminds me of that keyboard “joystick” which has a small joystick pressing down on arrow keys. Bravo!


Lets call it “Hillbilly-Fightstick” :smiley:

Photoshop gave me this:


Brilliant! I love the ad! You should post this in the “I love my custom…controller?!” thread! :rofl:


Best post in a long time. I’d like to try that with a shorter shaft.