Xbox 360 DOA4 Stick Modifications

Search function hinted at a DOA4 stick thread but I never found one.

Anyone have a template for the art on the x360 stick and also…some general info or tutorials on modding it?

buttonm4sh should

he’ll eventually see this


heres THE thread

the problem with modding it is if your throwing in a sanwa your gonna have to lengthen the shaft otherwise it wont fit what i did to alleviate the problem is
(in skateboarding terms) added a riser or a 1/4" piece of wood between the stick and the bottom plate and cut a square out so the joystick has room :smiley:

as for the art i just grabbed a DF template and edited to my specifications


:looney: Thanks dude. So did you just get some kind of big sticker to put on as far as the artwork goes?

haha dont ask me i did it wrong
i put this adhesive paper over art and glued it to the stick
and it looks like shit

Is there an adaptor for this stick so that I can play it on a PS2?

no such thing as a usb-> ps2 converter

but you CAN throw a psx pcb inside

Wow that was a quick response. Thanks.

Anyway that is probably way too technical for me. I really can soder or do any of that.

Well my biggest question is whether I’ve gotta remove the buttons or not. I hope not.