Xbox 360/DOA4 stick

Anyone have any info on it?

Looks like a standard Hori stick, and probably plays like one.

i heard it has a vibrating hole…

++cheap shot++

Props for putting 6 buttons on, plus that shit looks small.

Wins thread.

Reminds me of the saturn Virtua Stick.
Oh well, If we can mod it who cares…If nothing elese it gives us A PCB to work with.

Why does DoA have a fighting stick? Come on now Tecmo, you’re not fooling me into thinking your little franchise is established.

A game that sells a few million copies is more “established” than a game that sells a hundred thousand or less.

By established I think he means hardcore. Then again I agree… who wants a DOA4 stick?

That game ditched the arcades for pads a long time ago…

The point is we get A stick of some sort at least…

I dont even mean hardcore, I just mean legit.

A DoA stick is just funny to me. Almost as if Itagaki thinks he has an arcade worthy, tournament deserving fighter on his hands.

Or they could just be catering to the portion of the million(s) of people that will buy it that prefer an arcade stick. I’ll be buying one, and hopefully I’ll have some other fighters to use the the stick with on XBL. :tup:

Fair enough. But then you got me worried- are old peripherals, both PS2 and XBOX gonna be supported by the next gen systems? Or is there no conclusive word about that yet?

meh doesn’t look like anything special and more then likely its just another hori stick with a new design but could be useful moding for those that odn’t wanna use a normal xbox pad for any reason

Wait A second…I think I am confused…This is not for the 360 is it?

It’s for a 360 game and has the 360 logo on it… so I guess it is.

Well I get confused, I mean the game looks exactally the same as the last one.

Well, I thought the 360 was totally wireless?

Unless you see nothing strange about making a DoA4 stick for the current generation Xbox.

This aint rocket science now. .

Actually it is.
Your just not paying attention.