XBOX 360 Fighting games

Alright. I know that everyone here is anal about which system a game is played on. For example, you need to play the DC version of MvC2. I have a ps2 and an XBOX. So out of the following games series, which games are best on which system?

-Soul Calibur
-Street Fighter
-Dead or Alive
-Virtua Fighter
-Guilty Gear

if I miss any, please tell me. Thanks!!

well…this is just what I fell:
Tekken–Dont waste your time
Soul Calibur–you could get away with XBOX, but id still go PS2
Street Fighter–I dont know, havnt played it much
Virtua Fighter–also dont know much about it
Guilty Gear–PS2

Well since I’m upgrading to the Xbox 360. I’ll probably only buy DoA, VF, ans SC on the 360 because new ones are comming out. But I want to go back and buy SF aniversary for ps2 and GGX2, and maybe Tekken because Tek6 is ps3 exclusive. Is there anyway to get a converter for my mas super pro stick to hook it up to my xbox 360?

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