Xbox 360 Fightstick for EVO?

I am a Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3 player. Which probably points out that I have my own fightstick for my Xbox 360. However, I have never been to a tournament of this kind (or any other legit tournament) but noticed that most of the time the games are played on the PS3. If I want to join and play, is there a way that I can take my fightstick to EVO and use it for the tournament? Will i have to mod it? Or do they already have a way to use a fightstick for a different console?

Dual mod it…if you aren’t comfortable with doing it yourself have an experienced modder do it for you…

Huh? you are a few weeks late. every tournament is different, but if you would have signed up for EVO they send you an email outlining that you are responsible for bringing a PS3 controller. with that being said, there are some nice people who might be willing to let you use their stick for your match, But planning on the generosity of others is stupid.

you can also get adapters, or dual mod it, or get a stick that’s cross compatible: or the ones made by Qanba

well ya i wanted to this year but there was a mix up…and here i am hoping to go to the next one and another tournament in about 3 weeks…but do you think you can point me in direction on where to get adapters,and will they allow dual modded fightsticks?

Cool, I would prefer to avoid adapters unless you have an old stick that you like to play with, ie… that uses a PS controller hookup, etc. Also other options for sticks:

You should modify your stick with the TE kitty kit from Toodles.

For TE kitty’s there are two versions, one for the TE and one for the TE-S, so depending on which of your sticks you want to dual mod, you will need the proper one.

why not ask the people who are putting on the tournament for details about the tournament?

the tourneys at the college here only use wireless ps3 controllers, every place is different. If you ask the ingredients of a chicken nugget at the toyota dealership you probably wont get the best answer, even if the guy who you’re asking is eating some.

Wow, if I went to a tourney for ANY game and they said I had to use a specific controller I would walk out then and there.

Or you would just play for fun and not take it so seriously. The tourney’s at school are free. At the end of the day it’s a game, and participating helps the community. if everyone had that attitude they wouldn’t even be holding the tournaments.

I play for fun. I’ll be honest, I pretty much suck and would never win, but it would be the principle in which I leave. That is like saying you can’t drive a car on the street because it might be easier to drive in said car compared to the ones other people drive. I just can’t use a pad to play fighters, it is just a struggle with comfort.

I am glad you have the strength and resolve to take a stand on such important matters. :slight_smile: