Xbox 360 "generic" VGA Cable

I’m wondering if anyone has purchased one of these “generic” VGA cables for the 360 and can give me some feedback on them. Do they work? Do they degrade? AFAIK a cable is a cable, and they shouldnt degrade unless they have some serious length to them, like 50 ft or more. I’d rather save $25 not having to buy the official one from Microsoft. If anyone has any info on these I would greatly appreciate it.

I have a generic one but mine is a bit different, the one I have has a single RCA audio cable (headphones type) instead of 2, it works for me with no issues.

my motto is “always go generic” =]. I have a generic one and it works just fine. It’s the same shit it just doesn’t have a MICROSOFT logo on it

2/2 so far. thats all the convincing i need. thanks guys.

I heard that the majority of generic cables are crap compared to the official VGA cable. The picture is more darker and nowhere near as good using the cheaper cables. I wouldn’t waste my money.

You have to be careful with analogue cables, you get what you pay for.

I say just keep searching ebay. I month or two ago I got a used first party xbox 360 vga cable on ebay for only $9. It was in great condition and also came with all the audio adapters the retail package comes with.

you can get one from dealextreme for $13.89 with free shipping: reviews for it seem to be good.

It does take a while to ship though (about 2-3 weeks).

You can get them for less than 9$ from monoprice and not have to deal with ebay or slow shipping:

I have used this one on my LCD monitor and it works just fine.

And yes, for the most part ‘a cable is just a cable’. Shit like Monster cables is just marketing.