Xbox 360 headset compatible with Arcade Stick

Hi there a was wondering if theres any xbox 360 headset that are compatible with an arcade stick ? cause they all seem to fit a xbox360 controler but i dont think it fit an arcade stick.

I know that you can plug in regular pc headset but the mic wouldnt work so if anyone know any headset that fit a stick, i would really appreciate if you could post it on this thread :smiley:


The headset that is design to fit in a stick like a Xbox 360 Hrap or TE is a Xbox 360 head set.

Besides the cheapo quality overpriced MS headsets with the propitiatory plastic around the mic jack, many 3rd party head sets would work as they use a 2.5mm stereo jack instead of the monstrosity that MS made. Headsets made for cordless phones and cell phones that also use a 2.5mm audio jack will also work.

Regular head phones uses a 3.5 mm jack so they will not fit in the mic port with out an adapter