Xbox 360 Headset Joystick Compatibility Question

If I were to use a wired Xbox 360 Joystick (With no headset jack) would I be able to still use a wired Xbox360 headset on a wireless xbox 360 at the same time and be able to use the headset at the same time I’m using my joystick?

I ask because I’d still like to be able to use the headset even though my joystick doesn’t have a headset jack.

So I would be using my wireless 360 pad just for the headset functionality but using my joystick for the actual playing.

Anyone know? Input would be greatly appreciated. :lovin:

I assume that as long as you join the party using the wireless contoller you should be able to chat with it, or am I missing something? But yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

no you cannot


Can anyone else confirm this?

Another question, can a wireless headset be used if my idea isn’t possible?

if you don’t believe me why don’t you try it yourself?

and the wireless headset will work obviously…

I’d try it out obviously but I don’t have a joystick on hand yet.