Xbox 360 issue



Maybe this has been talked about but I can’t find the thread. I have a 360 slim I bought about 6 months ago. But recently, I have experienced a grid of white dots on the screen. I have also noticed colored circles appear which are typically yellow and blue. I have switched out the component cable and the Av cable. I have had this problem with both cables. I know it is not the TV because I have no problems with the PS2. If any one knows anything about this I would appreciate advise on the problem. I have found a video on youtube of someone else you has experienced this. No one has helped, the people at Microsoft are useless.

Here is a link of a video I found:


i’ve seen this before with phat models. it seems that the xbox has overheated at some point and the solder connections from the the GPU chip to the motherboard have gotten jumbled up. you will have to do a reflow to get the chip seated properly. [details=Spoiler]