XBOX 360 Live Gamertags/matches/discussions

Whats up everyone,

with 360 coming out with a crap load of games this month, I wanted to get a couple people on my friends list for some light/heavy online gaming.

GT: Aceturnedjoker (be warned, koop could be on as well on my name)

Games: GRAW, Burnout, DOA, Fight Night, NFS:MW, COD2

Tag = Mr Hadoken

Games = Fight night, PDZ, COD2, PGR3, DOA4. I’m getting GRAW tonight. I’m looking to get pretty serious with graw so maybe organise a clan.

tag- KrushGroove82

DOA4, CoD2, PGR3.

Looks like most of my XBL clan is picking up GRAW, so if you want, you can play some matches with us. kitties and rainbows vs. Team Hate- yeah, that sounds like a fun matchup.

Doa4 and graw

tag- Flash House

NBA2k6,COD2,DOA4,Fight Night, Perfect Dark, and GRAW

tag: BrwnbellyYankee

games: FN:R3, CoD2, GRAW

ps: graw is the shit

GT: Kneelb4me360

Games: PGR3, CallofDuty2 + DOA4. Should have FN3 and GRAW this weekend.

Tag : Dios X Reloaded

Games : Halo 2, DOA4, Burnout Revenge 360 , Perfect Dark Zero.