Xbox 360 Mad Catz TE Stick - works on PC, not on 360


Hi all,

I’ve got a new TE stick that didn’t work from day 1. I’ve been sent a replacement, but they’ve said I can keep the broken one… so now I’m trying to work out what it’ll take to get it working rather than just having it for spares.

If I plug it into the xbox the light flashes a solid green ring and never registers, but there’s no warning saying ‘not recognised’ or the likes. I can also power on the xbox with the stick, but that’s it.

I tried it on my PC and it installed and works perfectly.

Any ideas? I’m thinking if there’s no easy solution, might be worth a pad-hack project.


You can replace the PCB with another Xnox 360 compatible PCB, ot mod the stick to work for a diffrent system,

PS360 is a good PCB if you want a easy mod and do not have a fully functional PCB.


Cheers for the info. - I’ll give that a look :wink: