Xbox 360 madcatz PCB ID

Hey, trying to figure out how to identify which Madcatz wired controllers are single and which are dual ground. Its very tough to spot the numbers on the back while in the packaging and the shops Ive talked to that carry them wont take an opened controller as a return. Appreciate any help, I was told I needed one labelled 4917 on the back but just cant see the numbers on most of them, between the packaging and theblack writing on the black controller just can’t read it. I was able to read 4916 on the back of one of the white controllers so I know thats available here. Is 4917 the black?

So anyone? Just need to know how to ID the Madcatz 360 pads that are single ground.

What you need is a MadCatz 4716.

Awesome, thanks. Apparently the new madcatz controllers are dual ground and the single ground ones, the 4716s, have been discontinued so wasn’t sure which was which. Appreciate the help.