Xbox 360 Madcatz wiring trouble with Xbox Live

Ok, so I’m soldering wire up to a Madcatz 360 control pad to hook up with an arcade stick. I’m testing it with Virtua Fighter 5 and everything works fine, until i play on Xbox Live. On Xbox Live, my character won’t stop blocking. As soon as the match ends, it goes back to normal. When I go back to single player, everything works fine.

Does anybody have any clue why it would do this or what I can do to fix it? The back says its Madcatz item number 4716 and manufactured in 2008.


VF5 keeps separate button assignments for P1 versus P2 side, regardless of where the controller is plugged in. If you were playing arcade as p1, and the buttons were fine, then played as p2 in an online match, it would give you the p2 button assignment; by the sound of it, one of those assignments is a block button you have pressed all of the time on the pad. CHange the button assignments to match p1.

You have to UNASSIGN the triggers from the button config menu

Ok, thanks for the responses.

I guess whats going on is that since the triggers have been removed they are registering as always engaged. I’ve checked on slagcoin, and looks like I’ll be installing some restrictors to stop this. Has anybody any experience doing this to these pads?