Xbox 360 Media Sharing issues

I have absolutely no idea why, but all of a sudden, lets say 2 weeks ago, my 360 just stopped detecting my PC, which means I cant stream my music from my PC anymore to my 360. I tried doing everything; turning off my routers and my 360, then turning them back on after 30 seconds, tried disconnecting the cables them putting them back in, tried uninstalling WMP and then reinstalling, then I also re installed Windows altogether. But now even my PC is not detecting my 360. Its a real mystery, I changed absolutely nothing on the settings, and also, I am able to play on XBL just fine with no problems, so I really don’t think this is a router issue. Also very confident that its not a firewall issue either, cuz all of the necessary ports are open and even when I tried to disable my firewall completely neither devices are detecting each other. I wrote down this error code

W: 0000 000B
X: 0400 F001
Y: 0000 0000
Z: 8000 4005
ID: 0008 0001

I tried to find help on all of these xbox forums, but I’ve got nothing. I cant find this error code anywhere, and even when you call the Xbox support thing, there is not a real option for media sharing issues. Ive also tried going into services.msc and reset all of the stuff that has to do with media sharing, but still nothing. Someone please give me another suggestion, cuz Im really not trying to hear that lame music in SSF 4 and MvC 2 training mode when Im in the lab.