Xbox 360 mvc2 not working correctly

Hi guys,

Im having an issue with this game on the 360 the disc is perfect yet the 360 is playing this game at a slower rate and the sprites are all pixelated can anyone help?.

Really could use a hand with this I don’t want to get an original xbox just to play this properly there most be a way to play it on the 360.

The Xbox Original port is known for being really bad. Furthermore, Xbox 360 tends to be shady with running original Xbox games.

I’m assuming you have updated the Xbox 360 completely?


Yes updated it . Doesn’t work well at all

pixelated and slow. Anything else I can do?.

7 days after…
Not much. In fact, nothing at all with the disc unleast used on OGBox.

For 360 get either an account with the Game purchased and download the license.

Or if you have an RGH console just download the file, being XBLA means even a demo can be FULLY unlocked.

There is no real easy way to play it on a 360, just using the XBLA port which is no longer avaible for purchase.