Xbox 360 not looking so hot on brand new 1920 x 1080 LCD monitor

Maybe I’m sitting too close and seeing the aliasing? I’m using an HDMI hook up to connect the two. Anyone have a suggestion?

LCD sucks i just bought one for my living room and compared to my plasma is just crap, and im using hdmi too.
Have you tried to change the xbox properties to work on 1080? try that it will help but i recommend a plasma XDXD

Yea it did that by default. I think I might just be sitting too close :slight_smile:

You positive the Xbox modded itself by default? The few times I plugged my 360 into an HDTV it stayed in Standard, stretched everything out and made it look like poo. Double check in the System Display tab that you’re on Widescreen and the correct output.

Of course the last time I plugged my 360 into an HDTV was a while ago, so perhaps they updated the firmware to edit this? Not trying to be patronizing by posting the above sentence either, just … can never be too sure, rite? :sweat:

You should probably take this to tech talk, and provide more details and pics to better explain your issue.

Could just be a bad monitor, or bad quality monitor.

Make sure your settings are set to 1080p and your reference levels and color space are set correctly.

Make sure your tv is calibrated and you don’t have sharpness or something turned all the way up (it should actually be off) and your contrast isn’t through the roof.

Without any specific games or your tv model that’s really all I can say. Otherwise you just might be sitting too close, would might be able to tell given what tv you have and how close you’re sitting.

Do you have any tips on calibrating?

Btw my lcd is the EVO monitor just 2 inches bigger. VW246H.

The answer you’re lookin’ for should be in this thread OP

Yea, I was the last guy to reply in there. I went about 15 pages in but didn’t find anything…

That thread is definitely too long and unwieldy to be practical these days, but no one with the HDTV know how has stepped up to start a new thread. Just be patient, someone ought to get back to you.

But yeah, like Koop said, this is more of a tech talk question.