Xbox 360 Package - $170 Shipped

You will be getting the console + extras! The system works great but the disc drive sometimes takes trouble to eject when no disc is inside the system. This is why the price is so low. It works great overall. If a game is inside it takes no problem to eject.It still has a couple of months warranty for the red rings of death.I will throw in the Microsoft Wireless Controller, HD Component Cables, 2 extra faceplates, Xbox Live Headset and the 20GB Hdd (Hard drive), and the Power Supply! This is Negotiable.

$170 Shipped to anywhere in US. PayPal.

need this sold by today dropped price - $160 Shipped!

what a steal!! wish i have money :sad:

So this is the premium with the hdmi port? Any pics?

PM sent.


Payment sent.