Xbox 360 pad players, what are you going to do!?


I just realized that pad players who used the Xbox 360 pad will now have to use a stick or a ps3 pad. How are you guys going to adjust? Is it not a big deal?


someone like me who’s a 360 pad player and have no access to a ps3 have to prey we can adapt to the ps3 controller fast very fast


NINJA EDIT: Buy a PS3 pad, or borrow one from someone I guess.


^ i’m no scientist but i don’t think that’ll make it a ps3 controller…


BBPAMOCO guy at Midwest Championships was using a 360 pad on PS3. I seen it on the stream during his match with Wolfkrone. They were both using pads, 1 PS3, 1 360.

I don’t know if that is the exact model he was using.


Um, either buy a PS3 controller/pad, or Buy a PS3 Stick (and get acclimated to using one). Seriously, as a former 360 (Standard Controller) user, I found it isnt too difficult to switch from a 360 pad to a PS3 DS3. But thats just me (and I use a stick now).


just buy a PS3 SF4 pad, DS3 controller, or a PS3 stick… or mod one of the fore mentioned items to be dual mod with the PS3 and 360…


shits dumb


Yeah, I was at MWC, and I’m pretty sure he was using that adapter. It’s expensive as hell, but if you’re truly dedicated to a 360 pad, might as well go for it.


can you use a ps3 fight pad? i’m assuming not since its wireless.


It’s pretty expensive but the main problem is in it’s lag. If I remember correctly the reviews of this converter for fighting games were pretty abysmal due to dropped inputs and lag.


fight pad? you mean like just a ps3 controller?

Last year, you could use a ps3 controller as long as you were using a sync/usb cable attached to the controller the whole time your playing.


It may have been a newer model or something. Whatever specific one he was using obviously wasn’t effecting him negatively (at least as far as anyone else noticed).


na like the madcatz one


I can mod 360 pads to play on ps3 :slight_smile:


Suck it up and deal with/find some way around it or just don’t enter.


there are USB adapters for controllers 360 to PS3

look them up on ebay or something


Can we use a PS3 FightPad?


Quoted for additional emphasis.

You can mod a 360 pad to play on PS3. It’s pretty easy AFAIK.

Problem solved.


anyone know?