Xbox 360 patch out now!

It’s 5:13 here in Albany, ga. And I just got the patch. It’s a 4mb download. Gonna give a try now.

1 bar connection still ass just as expected. Can’t find anything higher this early in the morning.

Set your latency to 3 an up.

Keep refreshing until you get a match.

Played two green connections and both felt awful. I’ll hop on another time and hope it was just a rocky start.

I just played and there was no patch for me, I’m in Birmingham, AL btw.

DId people even read the patch notes they released weeks ago or the patch notes now? I dont really understand how anyone is expecting an increase in quality. All the patch did was more accurately tell you what the connection is (so if go into a 3 bar connection it wont turn into a 2 or 1 bar in the actual match more often).

Basically they did nothing to improve the netcode, essntially they just made the filtering and matchmaking system a little better by not lying about how good the connection is with the other opponent.

People need to start reading the notes a little more carefully to not be expecting too much when it comes to these patches.

Still sucks major ass.
You can’t learn the game in a competitive level with such a shitty online.

Its sad to say, but once SFvTK comes out, KOF XIII is gonna go downhill pretty bad.

Getting 4 bar connections all of a sudden. I wonder if they just made 3 bars = 4 bars instead of actually improving it. Who knows ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The patch notes clearly state that they were working on network stability issues, not just interface and presentation. Several people on the PSN side have reported significant improvements in netcode quality, including previously unplayable connections suddenly becoming near perfect post-patch. I don’t know what patch notes you read, but clearly the improvements reported so far all in line with what Atlus promised. Changing how connections are displayed isn’t suddenly going to make unplayable matches playable. Obviously they’ve improved on the netcode itself.

it plays much better…just as extensive the hd combos and high execution the game demands…i dont think you can ever make games that can play online like offline…mvc 3s kof yadda yadda yadda… plus now there is a huge barrier . guys who ruffed it out all these mnths with the lagg against people throwing back in the disc or just starting out will get blown up all day…and then throw the game on the shelf to collect dust

No improvement on my end, unfortunately.

I think you’re vastly overestimating the power of the online warrior. It’s definitely possible, and common, for peoples who’ve honed their skills online to find success offline. Insert obligatory reference to Viscant and Wolfkrone here. In fact, I’ve never seen someone get blown up simply because they were only good online.

Also, I consider two months after release to still be a fledgling online community. I don’t think players who pick it up now that the online is good are necessarily going to get destroyed. If you’re picking up KOFXIII two months after it came out, you probably know what you’re getting into and have some experience with the game already.

Testing on x360:

Blue bars = great matches

Everything else has problems, green is playable but still has input lag.

Online was horrible for me before the patch now i can play with some friends, i can’t complain for the moment.


How could you have this feeling as well as i have?

My expectations were more based on the feedback from the PSN patch, which some said was a lot better. Though I should still agree that the joke’s on me for setting my expectations too high.

jesus christ how can somebody seriously say, that the netcode is good!?

I’m a total noob and while testing yesterday I had only 3 and 4 bar connections
at first they felt good, cuz i hit some combo’s but after really testing with a friend we saw that the delay was HUGE!!
so it was just my muscle memory (that doesnt care about delay) that made me hit my combos! but trying to react to stuff is still total ass

just go online and try to move your char back and forth and afterwards go to the training room and you will recognize the differance

I think because there are no slowdons (like in bad connections in SF4) people think the netcode is good…WRONG!!!

and how can you say that online play can’t be excellent??
I play SF4 since it came out and if you stick to green bar connections than there IS NO lag and delay! even yellow bar connections are awesome compared to KOF
maybe it’s because i’m from europe cuz we have good inet here!
I’m an online only player but whenever I go to offline tourneys I do well

Troll elsewhere… SF4 online is not perfect either. The game just has much more players online, which means more local / close region players to search for.
I’ve played bar3~4 people for hours yesterday (after patch), and the connection / input lag was not bad (but not perfect, still need more improvements).
If KoF had players pool just like Capcom games, it would have easier time searching a player with a good connection. In addition, KoF just doesn’t get support from high level players. Why? because poor SNK doesn’t have money to pay pro players to play their game and promote it.

Sigh… sad to watch this awesome game slowly dying…

You haven’t tried the patch haven’t you?

No one is saying that the netcode is extremely good because some people are still presenting problems and some people are enjoying online play under certain requirements, if the netcode is really good then i could play with people in other continents like Europe but this is not the case but i can’t complain either because i can play now with a lot of friends and filtering is more aggressive now, people must know that a lot of FG are not consistent this gen because of the tools you recieve from Microsoft and Sony and companies must spend a lot of money if they want to improve their online modes, when we are talking about online game in FG you will see mixed results all time for the moment depending of some places, some recent games are presenting improvements in their online modes fortunately but people always expect magic results or something to fix their connections when some patch arrives.

You can find the same case here, mixed results:

Oh god. The game isn’t slowly dying, it’s called playing in your freaking region. I understand this option isn’t available to every last person, but if you have absolutely no scene to play with you probably aren’t going to be much of a factor in tournaments to begin with. The only way this game will die is if people stop supporting it because they want to be like a couple of other communities (who’s games are no longer evo games) and never get off their ethernet connection to play the actual game.

Seriously, bad netcode does not doom a game, nor does fantastic netcode suddenly make a game more viable (see: Neo Geo Battle coliseum). If the patch has made the game somewhat more playable, great. But if it hasn’t, the game has been growing since it came out, there’s no reason it can’t continue to grow.