Xbox 360 PCB for use on Xbox1?

Hey guys,

I’m getting ready to build my first stick. I want to use this stick on Xbox360, PC, and Xbox1. I know the Xbox360 will work on PC, but can I use a USB to Xbox1 adapter and use the Xbox360 PCB on the Xbox1?

If so, that would be great. I could get 3 platforms out of one gamepad.

Thanks for the help.

PS. Apologies if this has been answered. I’ve been lurking here for weeks, and haven’t seen this discussed.

No, you’ll have to get another pcb for xbox1. If want to avoid having two cables coming out, and you already have the usb/xbox1 adapter, you should look into Toodles’ mc cthulhu board.

I second the toodles MC Cthulhu board. Then you can use your usb to xbox adapter.

Thanks for the quick reply DeepThoughts. Using the MC Cthulhu was my other plan. Even using the MC Cthulhu, won’t I still need to have 2 PCBs inside the stick? One for Xbox1 and one for the Xbox360? The MC Cthulhu would just let me use one USB cable out from the stick.

No, the mc cthulhu supports xbox1, so you definitely won’t need another pcb. I know you can do ps3/xbox1 on one cable with the adapter, but you MAY need the imp board to use the adapter with the 360 cable. I’m not sure.

What about this?

Could I use the USB out from the mc cthulhu with this adapter to plug into my Xbox360?

That’s a ps2->360 converter. If you went that route, you might as well just put a dual shock 1 pcb in there and use a ps2->xbox1 converter too. I don’t know if it would cost you any less than dual-modding a 360 pad w/ cthulhu. Personally, I would want to avoid converters if at all possible.

I would just go with dual modding with a MC Cthulhu and a 360 pcb. You could have two cables coming out of your arcade stick, just don’t plug them both in at the same time.

If you wanted the most elegant solution you would do a Dual Mod a Xbox 360 PCB and have an RJ-45 port for multiple systems.

Is it possible to have a xbox360 pcb and a xbox1 pcb wired to an imp board so i have only 1 usb cable coming out supporting both systems?

An MC Cthulhu + a 360 pcb would make your stick compatible with pretty much every system

i already have a xbox pcb and the imp is cheaper than the mcc, thats why i’m asking