Xbox 360 PCB no power to Joystick


Hi every one, very recently my Xbox 360 PCB ( from SCV stick) acting up, I have no recollection of ever abuse it in anyway. But earlier today, I just transferred everything from my SCV case to a VS case. After plugging in everything, buttons work fine, but I lose signal to the joystick. I got it intermittently working by shaking, wiggle the cable around, but every interval only last for about 3-5 secs then it went out again. I ruled out the cable and joystick, because I hooked the cable and the joystick to my ps3 TE and it worked fine. Till now, its still work intermittently, I suspect it got something to do with the GND since the joystick would not move in any direction, its like there’s no power going into it. Any insight for this issue would be very appreciated. I planned to solder the GND to the pcb directly, but before I do that, Is there anything else on the PCB that could cause such an issue that I am unaware of?