Xbox 360 PCB recommendations?

Alright sorry about the noobiness.

I’ve been looking to build an arcade stick while waiting for SF IV to come out…

What PCBs are people using? Just the original wired (does this have common ground)? or something else?

Will I be ok using an aftermarket controller say by Mad Catz or Pelican? What are your experiences with these? Just trying to cut cost.

Also, I’ve decided to go all Happ Competition series (stick and buttons)… what are you experiences?

I know the idea choice around here is the Sanwa JLF-TP-8 series… and Sanwa OBSN buttons…but I’m on a tight budget here.

Thanks for your help guys… I’ve spent 4 hours reading this forum and still had questions.

PS: I’ve been soldering for about 4 years now… I’d say my skills are pretty good…

Late-model MadCatz are among the best – common ground & relatively cheap.
Check Slagcoin’s site for PCB wiring diagrams.

As for stick/buttons, IIRC you should be looking for iL, not Happ, Competition sticks (aka Eurostick) as they’re better made.
Or if you want cheaper Japanese parts, get Seimitsu – the LS-32/LS-56 sticks are quite damn good.