Xbox 360 PCBs $40 w/ QDs shipped [No More Controllers, sorry...]

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Orders once again open.

  • 360 PCB wired w/ QDs and shipped $40
  • PS2 PCB wired w/ QDs and shipped $25

For all those that needed the wiring guide for the 360 PCB to know which ground goes to which input you can get it at Here is a direct link of the front and back of the PCB.:

Front View:
Rear View:

  • Tha Hindu

PM sent about a 360 pcb

All PMs replied to. If the order I made on these pads goes well I will try to get a lot more pads and items in the future.

-Tha Hindu

All other msgs replied to. If you ware thinking about getting one you better jump on the wagon fast!!! These are going fast.

-Tha Hindu

what brand 360 pads are they?

I’m interested in knowing this too.


where are you getting pcb’s that you can sell for so cheap? don’t controllers for those systems cost more than what you are asking?

@ Akuma 001 & Final_cut:

These are various 3rd party brand controllers. The package I will be receiving will have a mix of them in there. Major chance there will be a good amount of Gamestop brand in there. I will let you know.

@ hsibrad:

I order these in massive quantities so I get them at wholesale prices.

All PMs have been answered. I know you all are anxious so to stop major flow of PMs I will post here. The pads should be arriving to me around late this week or early next week. I will keep you all posted. I will not be taking any payments until the package has come and I have inspected everything.

-Tha Hindu

Anyone on here be interested in PS2 pads? How much would you want for a prewired one? Don’t know how much they sell for. Hit me back.

-Tha Hindu

Willing to take a money order? I’m trying to get a pre-wired PS2 pad so that I can build my first stick, and I didn’t want to deal with the mess that soldering would cause me, nor do I want to risk a perfectly fine PCB in the process. $25 shipped with QDC for Happ parts and a wire guide to tell me what goes where.

Wiring PS2 pads = bad, unless you mean PSX/PS1 pads.

@ Sanji:

$25 seems like a good price. I’ll let you know by mid next week.

@ TingBoy:

Why are soldering PS2 pads bad? I’ve soldered to them before and they work great!!!

-Tha Hindu

Just stating what I hear =). I know that they don’t work well with Happ P360s. I don’t really know about microswitch joysticks though.

Perfect 360 is overrated.

oops. off topic…

Can you provide some pictures for the presoldered 360 PCB? I would very much like to buy one from you but just would like to see some pics of your work first. Thanks.

@ Tingboy:

The type of stick should not change the way the PCB works at all.

@ hsibrad:

360s are much overrated. If you run into a part problem with them you have the change the whole thing out but with switch sticks just replace the cherry switch.

@ FallingEdge:

No problem. I will post pics as soon as the shipment comes in.

-Tha Hindu
This builder had problems with the voltage in the PS2 pad I believe.

As for the P360 thing, I prefer using them for Marvel, as long as they’re the old models. I just love the smooth feeling =)

tingboy: ps2 pads are unhackable unless its a 3rd party one he might be getting

ps: i was actually looking for the website that you linked :stuck_out_tongue:

p360s dont work with official ps2 pads

Yeah, I was going to be using 3rd party PS2 pads. Hey, if it works it works right?

All PMs answered.

-Tha Hindu