Xbox 360 prewired controllers has prewired xbox 360 controllers for $49.99. Is there anywhere else to get them cheaper? has them for $59.99. Has anyone heard of an aftermarket pcb available, like the ones for ps3… cthulhu for the 360? anything cheaper would be nice.

I know has them. You would probably more responses in the trading forum.

$50? Quite an amount considering how easy they are to do.

You still have to buy the controller. The picture looks like a microsoft controller…

You can pick them up for 10 in the UK now. Microsoft controllers don’t even have a common ground, but whatever.

I’d recommend just picking up a madcatz somewhere and buying a 25w soldering iron, some solder, wire and a scalpel.

latest revision official wired are common ground, official wireless are common line unless there has been new revision/

You have it reversed.

I’m sure OP is the site owner. Usually one post and “Hey, this site has this for super cheap” means the OP is advertising.

If it comes exactly like in this picture, there’s going to be a problem. That pad looks like it only has signals wired, and that’s not a common ground controller.

edit Maybe you’re wiring other points off of the back of the controller, I can see something coming from the back. Still not sure if that’s going to work out.

Agreed. One post and this site has never been mentioned before.