Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro : EX

I just bought this today via amazon. I’m thinking about modding it and i dont know what pieces i should buy for it and how to change the artwork on it.
Please help me out, Thank you


swap out the buttons, change the layout, buy an art plexi

The question is what you want to accomplish. For a dual mod the board inside is not a common ground so you’d be better off throwing a PS360 in there and removing the stock PCB. If you’re going to keep it Xbox only then nothing to worry about there!

Foremost would be to replace the buttons as the HRAP:EX uses Hori buttons that are, quite honestly, pretty terrible. Sanwa or Seimitsu buttons (both snap-in and screw-ins) would work. 6-8 (depending on config you want) 30mm buttons for the main buttons and 2 24mm for the Start & Select buttons.

It has a Sanwa JLF joystick which is pretty good but you can always increase the spring in it (I find it a bit loose stock personally). It has a square gate in it that some people replace with an octogate. You can also change the balltop to a different colored one (or bubbletop) or even a bat top. It all comes down to your personal preference.

As for art you have a few choices. Can get some plexi from Arthong, get some art printed (From Arthong, Kinko, Staples, etc…) and put it together. Arthong also gives you options with the plexi on going to a 6 button layout, removing the start/select buttons, etc… I’d likely go this route but his international shipping is too much for my blood. Another option is to get Kinkos to print and then lami-label some art for you, then you just stick it on and trim to fit. Search the forums for more about both those options.

I own an HRAP:EX also. I’d really suggest you try it out for a few days and see what you either like or don’t like about it. The buttons were definitely the biggest weakness I found and I decided to add another spring to the joystick (check Akihabarashops video to see how this is done) because it felt loose to me. Good luck!

Um, im looking at the HRAP:EX covers and there are 2 of them but yet for the same product : HRAP EX cover and HRAP EX extended cover. Which one should I buy?

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Welcome to Art’s Hobbies

Both covers are similar except the extended version is slightly bigger on all sides. It’ll cover the top up to where the case is beveled while the regular version covers only the area where the original inset is. Both will fit though. Again, it’s personal preference on how big you want, etc…

Alright and one more thing =)
how big those the picture have to be in order for it to fit perfectly and what type of paper will be needed ?
Whats the best thing to cut the rings of the paper for the buttons with out messing up?

you can have art print out the image for you with button cutouts that fit perfectly inside some clear cover seimitsu buttons if you want the art printed along with the plexi order

The picture must fit his templates:

List of templates from tek-innovations

Regular EX template

Extended EX template

Both are PSD files, so you need photoshop for them. Photoshop your artwork onto the template as you like, and then submit it. As stated, your buttons, joystick, screw holes, and turbo areas are all laser cut for you. You just pop them out when you get them. But you can request that the turbo area or start/select buttons, or some of the screw holes be left uncut. Or request 6 buttons. Just make sure you get your plexiglass cover cut the same way as you have your artwork cut.

I understand that but how big those the Paper i have to buy be? and what type of paper must i print it on??
I’m going to buy the Regular ex template

I bought one a week ago (and payed and extra 15 bucks.) I already swapped out all the buttons for sanwa’s (the snap in’s were very easy to install.) The only tool you might need that you wouldn’t already have on hand is a 7mm nut screwdriver to get to the components. I also replaced the ball top for a bat top and put in an octo-gate. Only other thing i need to do is add an ls-33 spring to it.

I still dont understand the printing concept.

You can buy the artwork, and send it to tek-innovations, it will be cut for you to the proper size. Just stick a plexiglass cover (also from tek-innovations) over it, and screw it on using the stock EX screws. You don’t have to buy the paper, everything will be cut for you.