Xbox 360 related questions

do you need special headsets for 360? can you use a wired cell phone headset? can you talk on a headset plugged into one controller while actually playing on another? can you message people on one controller while playing on another?

any answers would be very helpful

I dont think you can use other headsets for the 360. However you do get a wired one with the Xbox unlike the PS3.

For talking on one controller while playing with another, im not quite sure. You see when you turn on a controller and sign into an account that account becomes unique to that controller. Its possible to be signed into 4 Live accounts at once, all on different controllers. It really depends who is the main account. You could have the main account playing a single player game, but be signed into another account on another controller which has somebody you wish to start a conversation with. I was recently playing through a little bit of Resident Evil, but my brother was speaking to his friends on his account. If the main account is controlling the game and that is the account you want to use with another controller to have a conversation then no, thats not possible as your already signed into the xbox on one controller.

Actually, cell phone headsets which fits a 2.5mm jack work (specially the 2.5mm motorola cell phone headsets).

For your purposes no, as explained by dj, each controller signs in as a different profile, so sending messages from a different controlling would be from a different sender, sames goes for headset. As Chaotic mentioned, yes, all 2.5mm that fit should work just fine.

If you have a stick that has no headphone jack you can alternatively use a wireless headset which connects directly to the system and not to your stick. You can also use any USB keyboard to type messages while still signed into your profile.

Wow didn’t know that one :tup:

thank you guys for the info. i cant wait for my xbox to arrive