XBOX 360 SFIV SOCAL LAN, $$$, Howies Game Shack, Mission Viejo

This summer Howie’s Game Shack, Monster Energy and Intel Cyber Power are bringing you the Summer Games. The Street Fighter 4 portion of the competition will take place this coming Friday, July 31st 2009.


  • CASH - $125 Guarantee (the more players, the bigger the pot)
  • Howie’s Bucks
  • Gaming hardware and accessories
  • Cases of Monster Energy Drinks.

Registration is $20($10=All Day Pass + $10= Added to CASH Prize Pool) and will take place between 12:00pm to 1:30pm the day of the tournament at the DJ booth inside of Howie’s Game Shack.

!REMEMBER! the tournament will begin at 2:00pm sharp the day of so mark your calenders and be on time for registration.

Date: Friday July 31st 2:00pm
Where: Howies Game Shack, 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy, Mission Viejo, CA
Format: 1v1 Best of 5, Double Elimination

I am not a bot. Just a sponsored gamer looking for competition

I won 400$ dollars just a couple weeks ago.

Call Howie’s Directly:
(949) 367-0019

Anyone interested or am I talking in the dark here?

Yes, I know how stupid Howies is for not doing PS3 but $$$ is $$$.

I might be since I’m visiting down in L.A. right now. Although it’s still an hour away. What if I don’t have a controller/stick?

They have controllers (seeing as they have 100+ xboxs) but no sticks.

You won $400 for playing Street Fighter or something else? And if it was for Street Fighter then will u be playing on Friday?

I wont be playing but yes, I did win it for SF4. I have another tourney to play in. Im better at PC games.

does the $10 registration mean that if my gf wants to come watch she has to pay $10? or only if you’re going to play in a tournament?

If she is not going to play, it wont cost her a dime.

As mentioned before 10$ to play at Howie’s (cuz its a LAN center) (NOTE:its 10$ for tourney entries, 11 for normal customers) and 10$ for the entry pot.

So basically if your Gf just wants to chill and play GH or something else while you play, all she has to pay is 11$.

O SNAP! One day away!

I really want to see the prize structure before I come to this thing. I’m gonna be pissed if second or third place for a 20 dollar entry tournament is “Howie Bucks.”

Make it to the finals and you wont be dissapointed. 2nd gets a rather good consolation with money on howies accounts and i believe at least one case of monster (100$net). And third gets like 10$ and a tshirt or something like that. Basically, go to win.

EDIT:O also 1st place gets sponsored by Howies.

I’ll be there I guess, called my friend and he said the place is really nice.

Also, I dunno about the new players, but a lot of OG’s here scoff at sponsorship and stuff (unless you’re gootecks or J. Wong). Anyway, hopefully I’ll come out of this 100 bucks richer (that’s if you AI heads don’t show up :D).

Dont worry bout the sponsored thang. Its not some glamorous overinflated thing.

sponsored… that means you guys pay me to wear your shirts at tournies or what? :3

how many players have contacted you about this either through pm/phone? Just trying to gauge the turnout because it is a bit far for me.