Xbox 360 Southpaw Modded Controller-Left Handed

how much to get this done?

flip it over

I’ve never understood the concept of a left-handed controller. Don’t you use both hands? Didn’t this entire generation of gamers grow up with the same left-hand-stick, right-hand-buttons scheme?

they sure did, but it seems that they want to hold the stick or touch the dpad with their dominant hand for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

I am left handed, never had a problem with a controller, I dunno about 360, but in the PC there are options to invert the thumbsticks.

I’m left handed and I don’t understand it. What is worse is DS games that want you to use the touchscreen and move with the d-pad. They have a “left-handed” style of play that makes the face buttons control your character and act as a d-pad, but I don’t think they realize that no left handed person has ever, ever, used their right thumb on a d-pad.

On those games I tend to have a better chance at just hurriedly going from touchscreen to d-pad and back and forth.

Also I always thought the current setup was more left-handed anyway, the more precise motions are on the left side of the controller.

I grew up with the left thumb controlling the analog look, and right thumb controlling movement via buttons (Dreamcast, N64) or stick (Gamecube). Problem is, thanks to MS, this is now ‘Southpaw’ setting. The default for FPS’s is right thumb-look, left thumb-move setups; and some games don’t have the option to switch to southpaw. So the only option left, since the stupid software option wasnt put in, is hardware mods.

What if your right hand was mangled in a lion fighting competition? Then you might want a southpaw layout.

I have seen them but I dont know where they came from

So I guess it’s not a left-handed thing. It’s more just somebody wanting a setup different from what’s considered “normal”, now. I guess I didn’t get the reference to being left handed as a reason for wanting to switch that stuff up, because we’ve all gamed on the same hardware, and it has nothing to do with dominant hand. That’s like saying “I want a left-handed keyboard, with all of the keys switched”.


The idea is that the thumb controlling your aiming needs to be more precise than the thumb controlling your movement. Thus, southpaw assumes left thumb is more precise, and sets aiming to left analog; regular right handed setting visa versa. Its the same idea as switching the side of the keyboard the mouse is on. Since you want precise mousing, and theres not really such a thing as precise one-handed typing, cyb0ring aside, some lefties prefer mousing with their left hand.

The only difference I see being that large motor manipulations (arms) are less precise on your off-hand. I can see a lefty wanting to switch mouse arms. However, fine and trained manipulations in the hands are basically ambidextrous. That’s why you can use both hands on a keyboard, and basically nobody (besides the mexicans) puts their stick on their right hand and buttons on the left. For fine manipulations, it’s all muscle memory, and dominant hand plays little to no role.
That’s the way I see it, anyway.
To each his own. =)