XBOX 360 SSF4 Summer Scuffle ONLINE Tournament - Starting 8/12/2010

XBOX 360 SSF4 Summer Scuffle ONLINE Tournament

Cyber-Sports Network, LLC is pleased to announce the opening of registration for the
CSN ?SSF4 Summer Scuffle Tournament.?

Presented by


Registration for the CSN ?SSF4 Summer Scuffle Tournament? opens on Wednesday, July 21st and will remain open until Wednesday, August 11th.

The tournament will begin on August 11th/12th and run for approximately 1- 1 ½ months looking to end before October.

Prize Packages:
1st : Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV Round 2 FightStick? - ($150)
2nd: Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV FightPad? - ($40)
3rd: Madcatz Official Street Fighter? IV FightPad? - ($40)

Game Type: 1v1 Single Elimination
Info: All characters are allowed for this event and players may switch in between multi-game rounds

Map Rotation:

Round 1 ? TBA best of 3
Round 2 ? TBA best of 3
Round 3 ? TBA best of 5
Round 4 ? TBA best of 7
Round 5 ? TBA best of 7

XBOX Live tags must be entered in any participating users account information, found under the ?game accounts? tab

The losing teams of Round 4 will compete for 3rd place

The Semi-Finals and on will be played out of a best of 7 games format

Click the HERE to view the CSN SSF4 rules

Players do NOT need to make a team in order to sign up for any CSN 1v1 events

How To Register for CSN:

All players will need to register a personal CSN user account to participate in the event. If you do not already have one, click “Join CSN” at the top right of the web page and fill out all necessary fields. In order to complete the registration you will have to activate your account by clicking the link sent to your personal email that you entered during the registration process. Once you click the email link you will want to IMMEDIATELY change your password to what you desire, in which you will be able to login to the website with from then on.

Player Registration:

Once you are logged into CSN, move your mouse over the ?Events? button in the main site navigation banner. Now click the Super Street Fighter IV Banner, and select the ?Events? tab. From here you will see the tournament and click ?Join Now? where you will be brought to a page with all of the event information. Simply click ?Register Now? and your done!

Be sure to sign-up, space is limited!
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Current Rules:


Game Mode: Versus
Fight: Best of 5 rounds
Match: Best of 3 fights

Game Format:

Competition Method: 1 vs. 1
Rounds: 5
Round Time: 99 seconds
Stage: Random
Handicap: Off
Character Selection: All characters may be used

Character Selection:

  • The player may not change character after the match is started *

  • Switching of ultras during a match will not be allowed *
    Tournament Guidelines:**

  • Any use of game exploits, cheats, or any other play deemed ?unfair? by an admin may result in disciplinary action up to and including disqualification from the tournament *

  • In the event of a double KO, the round will count towards the overall match total unless the double KO occurs when both players have 4 rounds won; in this event, the match will be replayed starting from 0-0 with both players using the same characters *

  • Each team will be responsible for checking the other team’s roster is valid BEFORE the match begins, disputes regarding teams using un-rostered players will not be valid after the completion of the match *

Forfeits, Disputes, and Support:

  • Any game issue that cannot be resolved by the players in the match must be brought to the attention of an admin immediate *

  • If any intentional hardware reset occurs, the referee may decide to end the match with the offending player losing by forfeit *

  • If any other problem occurs a rematch will occur if the two players conclude an agreement to have a rematch; if the two players cannot agree on a rematch, the referee will make a decision based on the progression of the game *

  • Once the match starts, players will not be able to dispute a match on the grounds of match settings, BOTH players are responsible for ensuring match settings are correct *

  • Disputes must be filed within 5 minutes of the completion of the match with a tournament administrator *

i registerd…but seriously a month? this can be done in a day n a half…Tops

Times are still tentative, they will be adjusted between now and when the tournament starts.

I look forward to this. Nice site, Hopefully the Online play gets more respect. Hell if Daigo can do it, and Capcom WILL be having online Tourneys, I’m glad to see more doing this. Many of us don’t have the luxury of traveling to tournaments or BIG $$$ to fork over.

How long does it take to get a confirm. email?

It should be instantaneously, if you do not get a password it’s just a bug (we’re still in beta) and the easiest thing to do is to hit “forgot password” up at the top. It will then send you a new password and you will be able to log in, join teams/competitions, and fraternize on our forums!

I apologize for the delay, was busy yesterday!

I also wanted to post to show that our tournaments our sponsored by the people we say they are. This is to remove any doubters.

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Only 25 slots left, hurry and sign up before it’s to late!

Only 11 slots left. Registration ends 8/11/2010!

There are 5 slots left!

im in

Only 1 slot left, make sure you sign up before someone else takes it!