Xbox 360 still overheats after deep cleaning

I just performed a deep cleaning on my friend’s xbox 360 due to the two red rings. However, even after the cleaning he is still getting the two red rings error. Does anyone have any suggestions on what else might be going wrong here? The only other thing I can think of is that the fan is going bad.

2 Red Rings are caused by the GPU overheating, the CPU overheating, or a cold solder joint under one of the ram chips. If you get the 4 digit secondary error code it will be easier to pinpoint the problem. To get the secondary error code, when the xbox red rings, hold down the sync button and press eject. The leds will blink the first number in the error code, continue to hold down the sync button and press the eject button 3 more times, each time writing down the next digit. The way to interpret the digits is all 4 red lights - 0, 1 red light -1, 2 red lights -2, 3 red lights -3 .

Cleaning is only part if the treatment, make sure that old Xbox 360 exhaust fan still works. If it dose not you need a replacement.

Takes bqheath advice and pin point the damage area, for the CPU and GPU you need to reply some thermal compound, go for arctic silver or better thermal compound. For cold solder joins you could reflow the solder; don’t even bother by hand w/ a soldering iron.

Anything more than this and the xbox 360 no longer becomes financially feasible to continue to repair.

If your repair cost goes past 50% of the items current value (not the cost when you purchase it) its time to replace said item.

Thanks everyone I’ll give this a try I had no idea you could do this. I cleaned out my xbox and my brother’s xbox prior to my friend’s, so that tells me it must have been my GPU overheating. Again Thanks everyone.

He informed me that the code is:0011