Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Round 2 Arcade FightStick TE?


Whys is it called Round 2, how is it different from the 1st TE.

I went on and was going to order a TE for the 360 and notice they have the ,Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV Round 2 Arcade FightStick TE on the website but its not available yet . Should i just wait and get round 2?


I think you should check this out.


Theres no difference except some cover art.

Might want to check the actual MadCatz site. I recently bought a TE Round 2 S. they might still have some left


IIRC the round 2 TE’s have a better PCB than round 1’s


I’ve modded some sticks, and as far as I can tell the pcb is the same. However, the round 1 TEs seem to have issues with how the USB cable was soldered. My own stick is a dual modded ps3 R2 TE. It’s got a standard edition pcb in it from the first run of sticks(same as the R1 TE sticks). It had the same issue has all the R1 sticks had. Buttons going dead, and needed to be unplugged and plugged back in. After i resoldered the USB, tho, the pcb works fine.


Never liked stick, never will. I would however be willing to buy one of these on the condition that it has top quality and long lasting buttons, analogs, pad. Would also prefer extra features such as a mic and a battery charger for the ps3 controller.

Left is PS3 Pro Elite, right is a regular Xbox 360 controller.


The round one TE I used to have had this issue.