Xbox 360 Street Fighter TE Sanwa GT-0 Mod?

Hey guys,
I know theres a sticky for the TE stick mod, but its nearly impossible to get feedback from people because of the sheer volume of discussion that is going on at one time. I’ve never really modded a stick before and I was just wondering if anyone knows how to mod a TE to put in a Sanwa GT-0 circular restrictor in because I’m not a huge fan of the square gate. I appreciate feedback, thanks.

GT-O is for JLW only, just get the Sanwa GT-Y, is almost the same for the circular feel which will be a easy mod for the JLF in the TE stick.

there is also lot of video in youtube showing the the process to replace the GT-Y.

any link to the videos?

honestly, just give a little heart in, just do a search in youtube and you will find it