Xbox 360 Super SFIV FightStick TE S not working PC


I’ve tried everything I can think of but my damn pc just wont install the driver for my Super SFIV FightStick TE S. I downloaded the xbox 360 controller software here : but that doesn’t work at all. I tried plugging in a normal xbox 360 controller and my computer installed the drivers just fine but I can’t get that to work either. The xbox 360 controller accessory software doesn’t even recognize that the controllers are plugged in, and when I start sf 4 ae I can’t get the controllers to show up in options/button layout either. I don’t really care about getting the standard 360 controller to work. I just want the joystick. I even tried manually installing the drivers by searching to the microsoft controller accessory folder in program files while in the hardware manager driver install window, but that didn’t work either. I’ve searched all over the web and the only thing that I found is that the ps3 stick won’t work without an older usb card. It didn’t say anything about the 360 stick, but I’m inclined to think something is really f’ed up here.

Does anyone have ANY idea? This is really frustrating the hell out of me.


This is only half true. Older Round 1 and Round 2 TEs has this issue, not the newer stock of PSe TE arcade sticks.
Newer PS3 sticks are now working better than many Xbox 360 sticks on the PC.

  1. (sounds stupid I know) Is it a Xbox 360 Stick?
  2. Does your Stick work on the Xbox 360?
  3. What is the condition of the USB cable.


Yes, it is an xbox 360 stick and it works fine on the xbox 360. Cable is in perfect condition.


Then it isn’t the stick, its your PC, your Windows insulation that is the issue.


I’m aware :slight_smile:

Any ideas?


Is this a desktop or a laptop? Sometimes laptops have all their USB ports on the same bus which leads to not being able to power every device plugged in. If this is the case getting a powered USB hub may solve the issue.

Have you tried other USB ports? When you switch USB ports it should take a second or two to reinstall the driver on that port.


Hold down your windows key and press R to bring up a run box. Type in Control Joy.cpl. I have a TE-S myself so under Controller it should say, "Arcade Stick (Super SFIV FightStick TE S) then have a Status of "OK. If it’s there click on properties click the Test tab. Make sure all of your buttons and your stick works using this.

If my guess is correct your stick won’t show up or it will show up as something incorrect. You can check your Device Manager properties to find out what it’s actually showing up as. I am also going to guess that this is a PC you bought from a manufacturer and not one with a personally installed version of Windows? If so, I think I can help you but I’ll need to find this out first before I go digging. I had a friend with a similar problem on her laptop and it turned out she needed an MS SDK that installed some files that were missing from her windows install that are normally there if you do your own Windows installation.


Have you gone to “add hardware” via the control panel to install the stick manually?

I successfully installed a round 1 stick on W7 by doing the following:

I had to go to add hardware, choose game controllers and look for the individual driver for the MS controller after I ran the driver installer from MS. The installer from MS only adds the drivers to Windows but it I guess it doesnt auto detect the stick ( not in my case at least).

On XP all I had to do was plug the stick in and select" the search the internet for drivers" when it popped up after plugging in the stick.


I built the computer myself and did a fresh windows 7 install. Its a desktop and I’ve tried several ports. The stick is recognized but the driver isn’t successfully installed, which makes it not show up in joy.cpl. I’ll try your suggestion edgar. Anyone have anything else?

EDIT: How do I add hardware without it being plugged in? I go to Devices and Printers and click add device. It won’t allow me to add something manually without it being already plugged in. Even when its plugged in after the driver couldn’t be installed I still don’t see it in the add hardware window.

To reiterate. It finds the stick but wont find the driver. I’ve installed that microsoft xbox controller accessory driver software but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

GOT IT!!! MadCatz Drivers for Win7 64Bit?!

Quick question - does anyone play ssf4 ae on pc? Did I waste all this time so I could play with no one? I have it on 360 but I wanted to be able to play when my wife is watching tv.


Glad you got it working. the method you used is the same as mine, except that you did it via the window that pops up when you first plug the stick in.

Pc is better than xbox and ps3. most players have green bars if connected via an ethernet cable.


Yea, I imagine there’s probably less lag. Every ms counts in fighting games. Now if microsoft would fix my damn account I could start playing!


Since I wasn’t able to get the computer to recognize the stick as the actual arcade stick and instead it just sees a generic microsoft xbox controller, will that compromise anything? Will the stick not register movements as well? I can’t tell if there’s any difference using the stick on the PC vs xbox, but I’m honestly not very good at the game and am having trouble executing certain moves / combos. I just want to make sure that, given MadCatz Drivers for Win7 64Bit?! fix and registering my stick with generic xbox controller drivers, no problems will be caused with the stick’s control.