Xbox 360 TE S Fightstick not being detected on my PC


Hello I’m having troubles with my Xbox 360 TE S I have tried to do a number of steps and nothing seems to be working…
I have tried to manually install the drivers from device manager did not work, I tried to download madcatz drivers, did not work I’ve tried to download a program called XBCD Nothing.
Nothing seems to be working when I was at my friends house it works fine on his pc so it’s not the USB nor is my ports all my ports work perfectly fine.
I would really appreciate it if someone helps me me out cheers. Oh one thing to note is Is it a possible what’s messing with the connection could be my Wireless xbox 360 Adapter?
I have a wireless adapter for my xbox controllers I’m thinking this could be the issue but i re in stalled xbox drivers… Unless the wireless thing is differn’t please help soon thanks.


Do you or anyone you know have a 360 to test it on? What version of windows are you using?


I got this from my friend he hasnnt used a 360 since he sold it but it worked on his pc im trying this for pc and it’s just not working…


Which version of windows are you using? A couple older madcatz 360 products I’ve tried didn’t work with windows 10 when I tested them.