XBOX 360 Trigger Resistors (4.7K or 10K) Confirmed?


I am looking for confirmation on whether the resistor needed to enable the triggers to act as buttons on a wired official common ground controller is a 4.7 K resistor or a 10 K resistor. Or are either of the two able to be used??

Reading the all XBOX 360 RT + LT threads, there seems to be a lot of ambiguous information with one poster stating a 4.7 K resistor is required, and another stating that a 10 K resistor is required…

Thanks in advance!!

I used a 10k resistor and it’s working perfectly (the original trim-pot used is actually a 10k one too)

Excellent… I’ll use 10k then…

are non common ground wired controllers the same?

I intend to hack a Joytech NEO SE non common ground and would like the triggers to be functional and I guess the only way to do that is to remove the pots and put a 10k resistor in place?

Why not just try them? You won’t hurt anything.

Personally I found out the pots were 10k in mine, so thats what I used.

I used 10K

can anyone link tutorial on how to wire it? hopefully one with pic? much thanks.