Xbox 360 version of USFIV feels extremely delayed for me


Even offline it feels significantly slower than the PC version, can anyone else confirm this who has played on both platforms? I am finding it very hard to adjust, PC feels so much more fluid and this is nothing to do with being a fanboy.

It’s so bad that I may sell this 360 I picked up because even though ranked is broken on PC, at least training mode and endless with friends works great…

I’m connected via HDMI, using a wired connection which is 120 down 10 up. Same display as I use on my PC when playing Ultra.

I’ll try again tomorrow with different people online but every match has felt delayed and so has training mode. 3S on the other hand felt fine, maybe I’ll just turn this into a 3S machine…

edit: I know this post sounds pretty anti-360 here but I’m feeling quite salty right now, I can do my combos but it just doesn’t feel right.


Pretty sure the consensus is that 360 is faster than PC. You sure that isn’t the issue? Also, are you sure you haven’t turned on the simulated lag in training mode on accident? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yep I checked that myself haha, could it be because I do not have vsync on for the PC version? I have the framerate set to fixed too which is meant to be the best setting.

I hope I can solve this because it feels like a different game.


inb4 V-Sync war starts.


I turned on vsync and it feels a lot closer to 360 now. I feel like an idiot for having vsync turned off for so long, if I didn’t try 360 sooner I’d be completely screwed next weekend at a tournament.


i had the same problem when i played Xbox the first time, you get used to the input lag with time, but best thing is to leave Vsync ON when you play on PC , so that its more close to the Xbox


according to that one guy who ran some lag tests, PC with vsync off should be the same as 360, PC with vsync on should be the same as PS3. no one confirmed his results so you can either trust him or not I guess.

I’m pretty skeptical of vsync on matching 360. I usually play on 360, and when switching to PC vsync off feels fine and vsync on feels really awful. also doesn’t line up with with what that one fellow tested.

are you playing both PC and xbox on the same monitor? if not, you could have differing amounts of visual latency between both platforms. if your 360 was on a laggier monitor for instance, turning vsync on would likely make up the difference and make them feel similar.


he said that he’s using the same monitor, and i tried them both on my PC monitor :

PC with Vsync = Xbox
PC without Vsync =/= less input lag than Xbox

thats why its best to keep it ON for pc if you plan to compete


oh I missed the part about same monitor

considering that lag test fellow found PS3 = PC with vsync on (whatever people’s problems with his test, he did test that) and we know from previous tests that 360 is definitely faster than PS3, I think your claim is likely inaccurate (could always test yourself to prove otherwise). but yeah they don’t line up with anything we already know.


that guy didnt even test Xbox 360, and am not talking about PS3 … and i play on both platform, i just invite you to test for yourself, disable Vsync on PC for a while then go play on Xbox


I think we need to change the title of this thread, then do some REAL test, then talk, then agree on something as a majority, make that the standard, then forever lock the thread.

This one guy was arguing me saying " we should make whatevers close to the true arcade version, the standard, and that’s PC." I asked “what’s your reasoning for thinking that?” You wanna know something? He couldn’t give me a fucking reason, and i said " you know what i think? I think your reasoning is " omg pc master race, it’s PC, so it has to be perfect and closer to the arcade version, just cause the stars in the sky make it true." I just walked away from him at the gaming center.


The input lag on PC is variable with the “max pre-rendered frames/flip queue size” setting in the Nvidia/RadeonPro options. Basically it chooses to render a certain amount of frames ahead of time and it can be set at any value in between 1 and 5. The lower the value the less lag induced. More likely than not you can match arcade, 360 or PS3 lag by tweaking this setting along with Vsync but we would need someone to run a proper test.

if you ask me just on " feel", though, I would guess that Vsync on in RadeonPro options with FQS=1 and in-game Vsync off is either equal to or slightly faster than 360 input timing but it’s not a scientific observation and I’m using different screens.


I saw the thread you guys are talking about, he is talking nonsense, there is no way in hell the 360 is running faster than PC with vsync off.

I’m gonna go back on 360 later, right now about to play some games on PC. There’s a big difference in turning vsync on and off using the PC version for sure, I dunno if vsync off is just causing less input lag or making the game run a few frames faster but it’s definitely doing one of those things.


The critical thing is VSync OFF in Game … but VSync ON in nVidia control Panel and “Maximum Prerender Frames = 1”.

Then you have the same timing and no tearing as the Xbox 360.

Dont take my word for it… try 1 -frame combos in training mode and youll see this setting is the best experience with no tearing
and consistent combo timing.

A 1-frame combo is the st.LP into cr.HK with Ryu. If you can combo that then your settings ok.

Turn VSync on in Game and you’ll never hit that combo.


I was able to hit my 1f with vsync turned on using in-game but I’ll try your settings and play some games soon.

Glad I found out about this timing difference with a week to go.


i can hit 1 frame combos link even with in game Vsync ON , its not a problem, it dosnt make combo harder or anything, ***you just have to get used to the input lag it introduce *** thats it, just like peoples are hitting 1 frame links on Xbox with Vsync

turning off Vsync dosnt make the game run faster since its still locked to 60fps no matter what, it just stop pre rendering some frames and you get screen tearing and near to 0 input lag, wich is impossible on Xbox , and thats why you feel the " laggy " input when you switch from PC to Xbox or Vsync on or off on PC


Yeah I thought that too, the game feels faster purely because your inputs are less delayed thus what happens on screen comes out quick. I was having serious problems anti airing since my timing is so jacked at the moment.


People need to post their PC setups. Different hardware setups and configs may affect performance.


I’m just using an i5 (2009 model) quad core at 4Ghz, GTX 670, 8GB RAM @ 1600Mhz, Windows 8.1 with a Benq GW2760HS monitor. (they gave it a class 1 rating for input lag)

I play on my PC through DVI, 360 through HDMI, is that likely to make any real difference? As far as I know they are both digital inputs so it seems unlikely.

SFIV is on max settings, 4xAA, fixed frame rate, vsync now off in-game but on in the control panel, 1 pre-rendered frame.


I played on the xbox version yesterday and I didn’t noticed anything different. I was able to link all the combos as normal as if I was playing on the PC version with no v-sync, which is my main platform