Xbox 360 vf5 arcade stick?

Ok I know next month the xbox 360 version of the vf5 stick is supposed to drop but my question is why in the world have we not even seen a single screen shot 1 month prior to it’s release? is this even normal sorry I dont know much bout the industry.

Chances are that it will be a HORI product and not a SEGA product (Much like the Soul Calibur/Tekken sticks in the past. HRAP3 with a VF5 decal).

Not even. Word out is that it’s basically the DOA4 stick with VF5 decal instead.

Ok. That is really splitting hairs, as that is basically what I said. The DOA4 stick and the HRAP3 stick are both made by HORI.

Not really trying to split hairs. If it was that small of a difference I wouldn’t have bothered to say something. Not trying to undermine your help or anything… just trying to give the most appropriate answer.

I’ll take that.

Looks like the stick is out already, is selling them, but without the VF5 stickers. It’s just called the Fighting Stick EX2.

I kind of doubt that they’re selling it. It’s probably just up for preorder but they put it as In Stock anyway…I mean no one else has them.

the sticks are almost out. they are ugly as hell. they look exactly like the doa sticks except with a different decal. there’s the pic to the stick. ugly. but perfect for modders.

so its the same fighting stick ex2. they just don’t have the virua fighter stickers on there.

Not really splitting hairs when the HRAP3 is a far superior stick to the DOA4.

You can buy these now.


I contacted them by email yesterday, put my order in, and have already received a tracking number that showed it shipped today. Should be here tomorrow as we are both in California. I got my HRAP2 from them too, and shipping was fast on that as well. Can’t wait!

Yes, please inform us on the quality :bgrin:

I hope Gamestop stores will sell these on the first day!!

Woot, it showed up on my door step = ). Just got off work, so didnt get to play it much yet. The size is exactly the same as the DOA stick (have that one as well). The diagonals recognize much better than the DOA stick, buttons are about the same. Need to test it out more = )

hows it going? have you played hyper fighting or 3s with this thing yet?

I saw it today and it is basically a FS3 (Fighting Stick 3) wired to work on a 360 and is white.

If you hate the FS3, you’ll hate this stick as well. According to The Granby, they’re also really hard to mod unlike the HRAP 3/VFHG.

hey i ordered mine thru tmove on the 19th, it shipped on the 20th and i still havent recieved my shit yet. they gave me no tracking number but under my account it still shows the package as being shipped. i sent them an email yesterday and still no reply, wtf.

I bought this last week. I have barely any stick experience at all, and I totally suck with this thing. Some things, sure, are a whole lot easier, but even just a shoryuken is like 300 times easier on a standard shit joypad.

Also, 3S does not load up at all on my 360, I can only play ST. Anyone else have this problem with their Anniversary Collection? Until I got this stick, I’ve only ever played this on my original Xbox, which has always gone smoothly.

I fared pretty well on Soul Calibur 2 and UMK3, those are the only other games I tried this stick on, but damn do I suck with it on Street Fighter.

I got mine the other day the only thing different about this stick and the doa4 stick is that this one comes with stickers.