Xbox 360 vf5 arcade stick?

if anyone wants to see how the stickers looks like i could scan them and show you them

they’re pretty generic :frowning:

i was suprised at how slim/small it is compared to the ps2 ones.

**edit: here it is **

Yeah those stickers are basically the suck, and I’m not putting any on the stick.

Maybe a nicer stick will come out with Soul Calibur 4. This one isn’t like real terrible, but the buttons do feel cheap. The PS3 already has two better sticks than this, why no 360 love?

But what sucks is that I have no choice but to get the stick when SF HD Remix comes out because the pad sucks donkey balls!!

cuz japan doesnt like xbox’s

hugs ps3 and vshg

Best thing to do is get a custom stick