Xbox 360 VGA issue

I bought an Xbox 360 VGA cable to use on my LCD tv a few years ago to see the difference in quality between that and component. I needed it for a lan party to use on my monitor and since then have been using the component cable on my Xbox360 for a couple of years.

Just recently I decided to use it on my LCD TV to try to remedy the issue with SFIV being cropped by the tv on component. I hooked it up to the TV and I get no sound or picture coming from the cable. I decided to hook up my laptop to the tv to see if it was the tv but the laptop works great on the tv without issues. Any ideas what might be the solution to this problem? I tried unplugging the cables and waiting and plugging it back in and I tried the hold Y and the triggers solution but nothing works.

Edit: My Tv is a Samsung LNS32

Tried plugging back in the component, changing the display options then plugging in the VGA cable after you’ve turned the console off? I’ve never had an issue switching back and forth, and when I had a PS3 and was switching between HDMI and my scart I knew you could just hold down the power button for it to change the display output.

But like I said, ive had no problems just plugging the VGA adapter straight into my xbox, so maybe try changing a few options in the display panel then plugging it back in.

Sorry I cant be of more help

Yeah, I can’t say I’ve had this problem either… using my xbox with VGA now (TV’s busted, ohlol)

Make sure your Display settings are set up properly, check your XBox’s resolution and your TV’s native res.