Xbox 360 VGA to Laptop help please?

yea i need some kinda help…

i just purchased a vag cable for my xbox to play 360 on my new laptop i bought…(tiny thing) but it has a vga slot on the left side…and when i plug it in…all i hear is the windows noise (the one that confirms something is plugged in) keeps going off over and over again…like i see the “monitor” stuff flash off and on like it keeps turning off and on but my 360 is always on…

and also how would i get the picture to show up? ive used the Fn key and switch displays but it always goes black for a sec then goes back to the desktop…

any help please?

can you give us some more info on your laptop?

most laptops only allow VGA OUT from the vga port.

model info and such would help us diagnose what you’re trying to accomplish.

Also a link to the product you’re using would be nice as well

that would actually explain alot being only vga out…the hell…

is there a way i can convert it to in? is that even possible?

its an acer aspire one…its one of those mini laptops they came out with…i just wanted to check out and see if my 360 would play on it…

EDIT: heres the link…

this is what i got…nothing too fancy i just wanted something really portable and can do some things on…just wanted to see if 360 worked on it…

im planning on buying a 23’’ desktop monitor anyways for my pc and it could be used as my 360 screen.

Uh…yeah, the computer’s not going to display something on the VGA out.

Ohhh haha yeah that is definitely just a VGA out on your laptop, I didn’t think think of that, so obvious. There is another way, but the cable you have now is useless, you could still use it to get your 360 on a standard monitor.

There are devices you can use to get your 360 on your laptop but they’re special made.

Bottom line, there’s no way around it, you’re not using the vga out, sorry man.


What you want is something like this

Adaptec gamebridge

It’s kinda bad quality, but something like this is what ya want.

you could use a video recording product but the quality won’t be that great and there may be lag also.

Exactly, avoid products that are about video recording completely as they have a bad tendency to lag at least a full couple seconds, sorta like hitting the jump button, going “one, two, three” and then seeing Mario jump.

Stick with products that are specifically advertised to play games on your laptop/PC like I linked for you.

However the best alternative will always be using a regular PC monitor (with DVI if possible) if you can’t get to an HDTV. Unless you’re doing it purely for mobility in which case you might want to look into the the “mini tv screens” specifically advertised for consoles to make them mobile.

Not that a 360 is mobile at all.

well im looking at a 22’’ monitor that has both dvi and vga…so i should be good right?

yeah, you’ll be fine.

if you get a monitor with DVI, get a cheap hdmi cable and a cheap HDMI–>DVI converter. theoretically you should get better quality. not sure if you’ll notice it on a 22".

i’m playing in 720p on my 17" monitor. 720p is 720p, regardless of the cable used, yo.

DVI will be better. VGA has to do weird things to scale and center the image. The only problem is, if you use a HDMI->DVI connector, you won’t be able to use sound without a audio break-out dongle or a modded AV cable. Not that big of a deal, but its a little hassle for not much gain.

go for 2 more inches with this

my primary display for gaming its great. got hdmi,composite,component,vga and dvi.

and it got Picture in Picture with adjustable size and transparency :stuck_out_tongue:

resolution at 1920X1200 so its full HD as well.

u can also buy a seperate sound bar for it but i just use my 2.1 logitech system .

Actually, if you have a 360, and you set it to a resolution higher than 720, the game will end up being upscaled.

If you’re using the HDMI cable, most monitors accept them but lack speakers. Microsoft’s VGA cable has 2.0 sound inputs but, again, you need additional speakers.