Xbox 360 Virtual On stick by Hori


Yep. These were announced a while back. Get out your wallet:

30,000.00 JPY = 334.187 USD

had to pre-order to get in on this, us importers were charging around $400

No thank you. For 1/4 the price I made my own ugly but functional VOOT sticks, that work with Dreamcast, Saturn and Xbox 360.

so what exactly are those used for? they seem rather game specific.

Yep very game specific.
They are for Virtua On: Oratorio Tangram that was released on the xbox 360 live arcade. They replicate the twinsticks in an arcade unit.

I’m sure you could play other arcade games with the Hori the sticks as they are mapped to analog, but the face buttons are in the middle so they look ill suited for a lot of other games.

Awesome, but 300-400 bills for just 1 game is reaaaaallyyy up there.

I pretty much agree about the price, I just found the fact that they even made one interesting.

@rtdzign: Ever thought about making sticks for people? Might make some good cash that way, although honestly I don’t know how big VOOT is over here in the states.

i downloaded the trial version to see what it was about… seems like it could be interesting, but not enough to buy such a dedicated product for.

it would probably be worth something if someone were to make some of these on the cheap for people who really enjoy the game.

It’s not really a very good game, at least not the 360 version…I’ve got the demo too.
Probably more fun next to another guy at an arcade.

reminds me my Steel battalion joystick : only two games to play with this “BIG boy”…

I pass for this one !

those handles don’t look anything like the Sanwa JLJ’s mounted on the original arcade cabinet…what’s the point then? If I wanted a mock-up I’d make my own instead of paying 300~ US $ for a Hori branded one.

here’s a slightly bigger picture of the Sanwa joystick I was referring to, my stick got one of them.

Stick building sticks for other people isn’t worth my time and money. I’ve sold previous sticks that I’ve built out of enjoyment for a price of less than what I spent on them, or got only maybe $20 for my hours of labor.
A greeter at Walmart gets paid better.

wait are we getting a Virtual On game for 360?

Xbox 360 already got it.
Virtua-On Oratorio Tangram came out end of April for Xbox LIVE Arcade.