Xbox 360 Vs Playstation 3

I’ve owned an Xbox 360 for over a year and have been playing nothing but SF and BB. I’ve installed them both to my hard drive but they still aren’t that fast. Should I sell my Xbox for a PS3? I’m not that worried about graphics and I know the Xbox is better for it but I’m more concerned about speed and just performance in general. Thoughts?

Your only real concern between PS3 and XBL is the competition of players on both sides. I’m a PS3 player (mediocre at best) and have no troubles finding enough people to play against. PS3 playing online is also free and I really picked the PS3 over the 360 JUST for this feature.

I’m betting 99/100 people cannot tell the difference between the 360 and PS3 while the game is being played.

I definitely think load times on the 360 suck, even if the game is installed (compared to load times on PS3 with the game installed).

As far as play speed… I prefer PS3 but, I have no evidence that it’s any different on either. Maybe I just prefer the PS3 stick I use compared to the various 360 sticks I use.

it’s the same thing, imho loadings are faster in ps3 but it’s not extremely different

i hear that other than uncharted 2, not a single game puts ps3’s epic power to full use. LOL fail. however, i also hear that gears of war 2 on the xbox is the xbox at its top level, comepletely maxed out… uncharted 2 vs gears of war 2?.. i think uncharted is better o.O
as for graphics, i dont care because im planning to simply stop playing sf4 and spend more time with BB, and the graphics dont really change when you have those kinds of sprites o.O

BB’s competition is on the PS3.

which console has the better CPU, and puts it to use?.

Don’t bother asking which console has “better” cpu or gpu, it doesn’t matter. What matters most: what games you play or how you intend to use the system.

If there is a specific title you want, it’s clear that you will want to be on that platform over another. I’m slightly annoyed that the latest Splinter Cell ISN’T on the PS3, but its offset for the other uses I have with my PS3.

Just look at your needs, don’t buy a console on stats/numbers/theory fighter.

Ill be playing nothing but BB o.o the games i like are on both systems, thats why i want to kno which one it plays better on

I’m speechless

There’s an issue on the 360 version of BB that cause the edges to be cut off when playing on an SD tv(which most all tournaments use) the amount it cuts off is unacceptable and unfixable.

im on hd but thats good to know! thanks for the fact :smiley:

actually, the load times on 360 arent too bad.

There was proof somewhere a while ago that the xbox version of vanilla sf4 had subtle but noticable differences in timing from the ps3 version and the ps3 version was closer to the arcade version. That being said, I have a hard time playing online with psn for sf ever since I got an xbox. The connections are better and faster and almost never drop. Xbl owns psn but offline there isn’t much of a difference.

i’ve never experienced that but i have had a friend complain about it when he was playing my xbox, he was playing horribly compared to when ive seen him play his ps3

Someone is fishing with flame bait.

Fish with something more tasty next time and I’ll bite :3


Anything to think about is the 360 fightstick pads are also computer accesible… incase you play any emulators like GGPO, although ive done this with my 360 i haven’t tried it on a PS3 but im assuming it wont work

can someone just give me the bottom line here?.. xbox 360 vs ps3 performance-wise, minus graphics, they dont really change when ur playing blazblue. lol. which one?

Go where ever your friends are/where you can find more competition. That’s the only valid answer. Everything else is mostly just preference.

Also, xxxx vs. xxx threads are against the rules.