Xbox 360 vs PS3 Fighting Games (Fightstick)

Hi i have every fighting game sitting in front of me for Xbox 360 and PS3, i also have Fightsticks for both consoles, i have no online fighting friends on either system, also i havent started any of the fighting games for achievements or trophies, based upon this information which console would you play fighting games on? Sell off the Xbox 360 ones or the PS3 ones?

Edit: other things to take into consideration: PSN Store regions, here in australia everything on the store costs like 25-33% more than xbl, and is also lackluster, heaps of addons arent on it compared to xbox 360, and it has only 3 fighting games for download kof94 ssf3 mk kollection, and that is all, its also very disorganized and hard to find items, click on ps3 games alphabetically, and NO FIGHTING GAMES SHOW UNDER THE LETTERS. and i live in australia so, the PSN Store just doesnt have any content.

You kinda answered it with your Edit didn’t you?
Biggest deciding factor will probably be whether you want to pay for XBLive or not. If you don’t mind the fee and combined with your Edit comment the 360 will probably be your best bet.

Personally, I was a 360 only fan cause I only had a stick for it but, wanting to get a new stick, recently getting a hold of a 2nd ps3, finding out SFxT has extra characters on ps3 and arguing with MS cause my Live account bounced and now they say I owe them (for service I don’t have access to nor used) all made me switch to PS3.
I got a stick yesterday, got my artwork printout a couple hours ago and preordered SFxT :slight_smile:

Besides what you said about the PSN store, I would also say go with the 360.

I only play on the PS3, but Xbox Live is the only one with a game that I wish was on the PSN store. Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

You can get PSN accounts from any region. Personally, I have 1 US account, 2 Asian accounts and 1 Japanes account.

Can you get PSN Games from another PSN Account and region and play them on another PSN Account from another region?

Xbox-360 hands down. PSN servers are derp.